Operations Support

All-round operations support

For enterprises of any size, Itransition offers tailored scenarios of how to apply innovative technologies to propel business processes to the next level. We have resources to automate business processes of any type from core value-adding to administrative and infrastructure management operations.

From workflows improvement advisory to fully-fledged implementation of an optimization roadmap, Itransition helps you excel in workflows management.

Business process management

Business process modeling

Discovering existing pitfalls beforehand, we generate hands-on blueprints for workflows re-allocation, digitization, automation etc. At your request, we proceed to software development.

Enterprise app development

Undertaking all works from preliminary analysis to architecting, development, QA, and integration, we build or re-engineer CRM, ERP, ECM, EDM systems, and custom business applications.

Boxed product customization

Applying expert knowledge of ready-made BP support products, we conduct code-level and zero-code configuration to introduce out-of-the-box functionality to your operating IT environment.

Infrastructure management

CommitSol delivers infrastructure management solutions to overcome the challenges of managing heterogeneous resources – from devices and systems to networks and facilities, along with storage and capacity while ensuring end-to-end security. We utilize machine learning to optimize IT operations and build smart infrastructure monitoring and failure prevention solutions that safeguard business continuity.

Enterprise service bus

CommitSol enables consistent data synchronization across all corporate infrastructural components and applications by deploying Enterprise service bus (ESB). Ensuring loose coupling, scalability and high availability of the architecture, we make your systems seamlessly communicate without dependencies, while empowering personnel to receive information updates on-time and avoid double data entry.

Big data & analytics

CommitSol produces data aggregation, transformation, and presentation algorithms that sort out data silos, turning disordered heterogeneous data into valuable visualized metrics — a breeding ground for information-based decision making.