Onsite/Offsite support

The ‘Tiered or Layered Model’ also known as the hybrid software development model, is a blend of onsite/offshore delivery. The model followed at CommitSol has 3 tiers – onsite team, offsite team, and its offshore team.

The 3-tier delivery model combines onsite and offshore delivery for superior results at highly reduced costs. Typically, the discovery and planning stages of a project are executed onsite at the client’s office. The subsequent development and support phases are then carried out offshore at the CommitSol development center in India. The 3-tier model maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs.

Following are some of the major advantages and client benefits of our 3-tier model :
Maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs
Variable cost structure and scalable capacity
24-hour work cycles
Focus on strategic issues
Project teams with cross-platform expertise
Ability to quickly ramp-up or ramp-down project teams to reflect changing project requirements

Each organization has its own style of models that distribute the outsourcing team among Onsite, off-site, and Offshore locations. As the decision is always with the client, CommitSol responsibility is to create an opportunity for to customers on creating equilibrium between cost and time hence the onsite, onsite-offshore and offshore model comes into the picture.

Onsite Model

CommitSol Onsite model works best for complex applications with evolving standards where the entire project has to be executed onsite at the client locations only due to various constraints and we are specialists in mobilizing the right set of people within a given time and deploy at the client site.

Onsite-Offshore Model

CommitSol Onsite-Offshore Model is best suited for all commercial projects that are really important but there are budget constraints and with this model, we can create a team that is onsite as well offshore in our facilities, this model works best when knowledge transfer is huge and also for applications that are more complicated and where we need more IT Muscle power and at the same time is very cost-effective.

Offshore Model

CommitSol offshore model is best suited for commercial projects no matter how complex or how easy the applications are. Levanture Inc has state-of-art technology centers in its offshore centers and is in the process of developing some of the best applications for some of the best clients. An offshore lab is best suited when the project has large volumes and a growing specification then the engagement is usually long term. Having a practical extension of the client systems available to the offshore team and strategic pricing benefits our clients. Money Saved is Money Earned.